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  • Classic Weekend Rolls On!

    Juni 10, 2024 1 min lesen.

    Oooft the 2024 Classic Weekenddelivers once again with two days of dirt bike mania! The woodstock of moto events; Classic is one of our fav events on the riding calendar and here's why, the event is held at one of the most iconic moto facilities in Connondale QLD, established in 1977 and now called Green Park, the facility has played host to some of the biggest races in Australian history and once a year the gates open to Pre 1995 VMX (Vintage Motocross) bikes and so the event is dubbed 'Classic'.

    Hosted by the Sunshine Coats Motorcycle Club the crew behind the event deliver a packed two days and epic tracks to ride on! We are stoked to be supporting this event again this year.....and even managed a few laps on the trusty (not so reliable) farm bike!

    Thank you Classic for another awesome weekend!

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